5 reasons why P2P lending India is great investment for retirement

P2P lending IndiaRetirement is one of the most crucial events in one’s professional life. After working for more than 35-40 years in one’s professional life it is the best time for a professional to reap benefits of all the hard work done and enjoy the new found freedom of sort with minimal responsibilities. With increasing life expectancy and improvement in medical sciences, one is expected to live 20 years post retirement easily. Hence, it is very important to plan financially for your post retirement needs. With plethora of investment strategies available for a retiring individual, let us look at how P2P lending India can be a great investment for retirement –

  1. Ease of investment – Unlike, most of the other investment strategies, P2P lending India is quite simple to invest in. You need to have a detailed knowledge about investment options like equity, debt, real estate etc to start investing. If you wantcibil score to invest in equities then, you need to have a detailed knowledge about how various companies perform and detail about various sector of industry. But with P2P lending India, you don’t need to have a great technical knowledge about any of these things. You can start investing in these platforms with a click of mouse on your computer.
  2. Liquidity – P2P lending India also offers a borrower a option of great movement of liquidity. It is one of those investments in which you can start with a small investment at a time. Unlike, investments in real estate or gold, you don’t need to put huge amount of money as your investment. You can even start with a small investment amount like Rs 10,000 to start investing. credit score rangeThere is also option of investing in large number of platforms at one go.
  3. Returns – P2P lending India platforms also offers a return that is greater than compared to other investment options. Returns offered by these platforms are around 18% to 25%, which translates to 12% to 18% returns on post tax basis. It is quite healthy compared to returns offered by other investment options like equities, debts, real estate etc.
  4. Safety – In old age, one is not expected to take huge amount of risks with his hard earned money. Safety of money is the uttermost importance for an old age investor. In this regard, P2P lending India investments are one of the safest investment options available to a serious investor.
  5. Diversification – P2P lending India also offers a great diversification short term investmentopportunity for investors in India. These investments are uncorrelated to any other investments including equities. If you have already put your money in equities then, P2P lending India offers a great opportunity to hedge your investment against any risk.