What are some different fixed income investments in India?

fixed income investments in IndiaQ1. What are fixed income investments in India?

Ans. Fixed income investments are the investments which are done in some fixed capital. There are many fixed income investments in India.

Q2. What are Bank fixed deposits?

Ans. A bank fixed deposit is a great option for fixed income investments in India. It is suitable for people who want to keep their money safe and earn higher returns. FDs offer returns to the tune of 8%. The present rate of interest for Fixed Deposits at various banks is in the range of 8.5-9.5%.

Q3. What are Tax Saver FDs?

Ans. The tax saver FD is safe and offers tax advantage to the investor. Tax Saver FDs offer more than 8.5% returns. cibil scoreThe present rate is around 8.25-9.5%.

Q4. What are Senior citizens savings scheme?

Ans. These are a great option for the senior citizens. It is eligible for deductions as per 80C too. They offer Offers 9.3% returns.

Q5. What is Monthly Income Scheme?

Ans. It is an excellent investment option for fixed income investments in India, suitable for people searching for regular monthly credit score rangeincome. It offers returns in the range of 8.5%. And they also provide 5% bonus at the end of the maturity period.

Q6. What is P2P lending?

Ans. P2P lending is an investment options where intermediaries like banks and NBFCs are eliminated. The user can earn enjoy returns as high as 20%. It is a rather new concept for fixed income investments in India, but it has very high potential.