MSMEs are the back bone of our nation : Creating millions of jobs and sustaining national economy in the most challenging times.

MSME Entrepreneurs are some of the most hard working and enterprising doers whose businesses build local communities while driving global changes.

Even by offering collateral, MSMEs entrepreneurs are unable to raise financing for their businesses.

At Loankuber, We leverage technology to understand the unlock the economic value of valuable collateral of the MSMEs and enable lending against them.

The company aims to onboard 10,000 MSMEs in the next 12 months as part of its expansion plan.

Today, around 40% of total MSME credit demand is still served by informal sources of credit. This under-served market is a huge potential for MSME lenders such as LoanKuber to cater to with tailored offerings, specifically targeted to the needs and behaviour of this segment.