FAQ on Lal Dora certificate

lal dora certificateLal Dora lands are one of the most historical and important pieces of land in Delhi-NCR. The term “Lal Dora” was first used in 1908. It is used to denote that piece of land , which was part of the village “abadi”. Lal Dora land is to be utilized only for non agricultural purposes. These lands were demarcated with the help of a red thread around them and hence the name “Lal Dora”.

There are over 360 villages in Delhi alone, which are classified as Lal Dora villages.  These villages are exempted from many property by laws and construction norms related to Delhi municipal act 1963. If you think your property falls under Lal Dora, then you need to get a certificate for it. Let us look at some FAQs for Lal Dora certificate –

Q1. What is a Lal Dora certificate?cibil score

Ans. This certificate establishes that a person is the owner of a particular land/property in “abadi” area of a viilage.

Q2. From where can I get a Lal Dora certificate?

Ans. You can get this certificate from sub-divisional magistrate in whose jurisdiction you are residing. You can visit these office during any working day between 9:30 AM to 6 PM.

credit score rangeQ3. What papers/documents are required for this purpose?

Ans. You need following documents-

  •         Application form duly filled by you mentioning all the details of your property including Khasra.No and name of the owner.
  •         Affidavit mentioning details of land and purpose of getting a Lal dora certificate.
  •         Aksh sizra of land.
  •         Ration card copy.
  •         Khatoni copy.

Q4. What is the criteria for getting a certificate?short term investment

Ans. Your application would be sent to the tehsildar’s office for verification. His office will verify your credentials and prepare a report on it. If your particulars are verified by tehsildar, then a certificate can be issued to you.

Q5. What is the turn around time (TAT) i can expect?

Ans. You can expect to get your certificate to be issued to you within 21 days of submitting the fully filled application.

A Lal Dora certificate is the most important document that is required by a owner of an owner of property in these land. It would clearly define a property title on your name and if you want any mortgage based loan like loan against property, then you need to establish your clear title with this certificate.